Yuri's Night


A part of a REXUS project that cannot be overlooked is outreach. We hope that we in some way may help inspire up and coming students to study space science and engineering in general, or just what's going on in the space industry, even so close to home.

Our outreach activities and contacts with the media are for the most part handled by Jacob. The outreach plan drawn up consists of four main parts:

  • Participation in activities with KTH
  • Visits to schools
  • Media appearances and the web
  • Other activities

Our outreach was kicked off by our participation in the KTH on the Inside competition, where we faced off against seven other KTH projects for pageviews to our blogs. This campaign which ran for much of the first half of 2010 ended with a photo exhibition in the KTH library. We have also been present at various expos and presentations at KTH, for new students who we hope will study here.

School visits are one of the best ways to meet and hopefully inspire young students, and for the first half of 2010 we visited three schools in and around Stockholm: Naturvetargymnasiet in Södertälje, Bergtorpskolan in Täby, and Kunskapsgymnasiet in Saltsjöbaden. These visits consisted of a presentation with Q&A session and the opportunity for the students to try out some experiments we had prepared and also have a closer look at some of our prototypes. While involving some travel time and hauling of equipment, the visits were great fun and something we will continue with for the second half of 2010.

The KTH on the Inside competition led to some articles in media about SQUID, most prominently in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet. In addition tot his, we take every opportunity to spread the word about SQUID and space science, and some examples of other appearances can be found under the Media category above.

A solid web presence is of course also necessary for a project such as this, and the service our website relies up was donated to us by Mimmin early on in the project, allowing SQUID to quickly have a web presence. At first we used a blog provided for us by the KTH on the Inside competition, but this has subsequently been moved to Wordpress. In addition to this, we are of course also present on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is very useful to us to post quick updates when we do stuff such as testing out in the field, or when out traveling. Both services are also used to alert our followers and fans of new blog posts.

Of course there are many other opportunities to perform outreach. We've had the opportunity to present our project for young space enthusiasts at an astronomy camp at Barnens Ö, and through our international contact with other REXUS teams we were invited to attend Yuri's Night in Stuttgart. More events are planned for the second half of 2010, such as our presentation at the Congress of Flygtekniska Föreningen ("Swedish Society of Aerospace Technology").