The main system



The control of the system relay in a FPGA from the Actel ProASIC3-A3P250 family with 100 pins. In order to accomplish its objective the Main FPGA perform the following tasks:

  • The data acquisition of housekeeping and the flight dynamics sensors
  • Control of GPS and STx2 processes.
  • Control the Motors.
  • Power on and off SMILE and Uniprobe magnetometers.
  • Recording Data collected
  • Communication throught the UART.


One flash memory is used to store the data collected by the sensors on board and the housekeeping. The objective is to readout and analize the flight dymanics  post flight. The chip selected is a Hynix 4Gbit NAND Flash. With this memory is possible to write, read and erase data.


In order to reproduce the flight dynamics of the experiment the main system contains several sensors, such as,  a temperature sensor, an altimeter, an accelerometer and a set of four gyroscopes. The circuits of the gyroscopes and accelerometer are integrated to the main system as stand-alone units, i.e. is possible to assemble and test them separately. Due to space reasons these sensors are placed in a special structure.