GoPro HD Hero camera Stipped down camera RMU with the camera lens Camera box installed in the RMU

Camera system

The cameras main purpose is to record the ejection of the FFU from the main experiment module and hopefully record the deployment of the spheres. The recording might be valuable to compare with the sensor data recorded within the FFU. The requirement of the camera systme were quite high, the camera should produce high definition, high framerate, wide angle pictures and at the same time time be small and light enough to with within the RMU. Also the camera must withstand the punishment of the rocket launch and the vacuum of space.

The choice fell on the comercially available extreme sports camera GoPro HD HERO, able to record with 760p/170º and at 60 frames per second. As the camera were not designed for spaceflight, some modifications test had to be done. First off the plastic casing were removed together with the battery and some unnecessary wiring, reducing the size considerably. A custom build housing were milled from a solid block of aluminium for the camera. To control initiate the recording, a timing circuit were designed consisting of a ATTiny microcontroller and to power the system, a separate power supply unit were implemeted drawing power from the rocket battery.