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Electronics design


The electronics of the SQUID experiment can be divided depending of the different functionalities. The main system acts as the brain of the Free Flying Unit it mainly handles the data acquisition of housekeeping and the flight dynamics sensors. There are two more system which handles data acquisition, the UNIPROBE and the SMILE sensors, each sensor with its individual memory.

Beside the data acquisition and sensors there are some more specific electronic functionalities. The power system is responsible of converting battery and rocket service module voltage to the different voltage levels in the experiment. The rocket interface handles both communication and voltage exchange between the experiment and the rocket. The camera is mounted in the Rocket Mounted Unit and has as its main tasks to visually record the ejection of the FFU and the start of the deployment of the booms. The cutter activation circuit is used to provide voltage to the cutter at the appropriate altitude for parachute deployment. The recovery system handles the satellite modem, GPS and beacon and is used for localization of the FFU after landing.