SQUID - Spinning QUad Ionospheric Deployer

Workshop at ESA_ESTEC

Monica Alaniz, 2009-12-18

Our endeavor in ESA-ESPAC in Noordwijk, Holland has ended. Today was the presentation of SQUID in front of the panel of experts, the presentation lasted around 20 minutes, but actually it took us a considerable amount of time and effort to get it ready, we spend a lot of time taking care of every single detail not only in the information but also in the design. Gustav and Nickolay were also helping us by distance. This effort we had put in this presentation was reflected in the session of questions the jury was very interested in our proposal, and they ask us very specific technical details, that we answered fairly good. Also we received some suggestions and comments that will help us in the future. At the end of the session some teams told us they liked our presentation.

It has been a unique experience; we interacted with groups from diverse nationalities all the teams gathered for this Selection Workshop has shown why they were selected and we can say all we are very motivated and the standard is very high.

Talking a bit about backstage, the design of our logo and our t-shirts distinguishes us among the others we received a lot of nice comments from the other teams, they were curious about our SQUID :) . We can claim without doubt that our outreach strategy is a success. As an extra activity they gave us guided tour through some sections of the agency, the most impressive was the test center.

The facilities that ESA provides are very comfortable and the food is just amazing, today they offered free dessert and wine, we were lucky for the dessert but no for the wine because our presentation was right after the lunch :) .

We really enjoy this Workshop, we know it is unforgettable experience, and we are delighted to know the resolution then start working hard again! :D
Personally I would like to thank to my team mates, I really spend a good time working with them and all the support and effort that all of them has devoted to SQUID. Of course we missed Gustav and Jiangwei.

Some pictures taken by Jacob are in our facebook...

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