SQUID - Spinning QUad Ionospheric Deployer

Presentation rehearsal and getting ready for Noordwijk

Jacob Michelsen, 2009-12-14

Today we had a presentation dry-run in front of supervisors, colleagues, and LAPLander team members at the department of Space and Plasma Physics at KTH. Overall it went well, and most importantly we got a lot of valuable feedback. 

Our presentation is going to be held the last day at the workshop, Thursday, so we have plenty of time to be inspired by the other presentations there. In total, there will be 14 teams attending, with 3-4 places for experiments on the European rocket. There is also a separate rocket which is mainly just for German teams. Also, some of the teams are applying for the balloon launches, BEXUS, instead of the rocket launches. Still, we'll have to work hard if we hope to get a ticket for the rocket.

Early tomorrow morning four members of the team, Mario, Mónica, David and me, Jacob, will be leaving for  ESA's European Space Research and Technology Centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. This is the heart of the European Space Agency's operations and I'll be bringing my camera equipment to document the visit to this cool place as well as possible, and upload the photos to this blog and Twitter (@SQUID_KTH). We'll all try to blog as much as possible from there, so stay tuned!

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