SQUID - Spinning QUad Ionospheric Deployer

Preparing for the workshop presentation

, 2009-12-12

 We have been quite busy the last couple of weeks. The ESA workshop at Noordwijk is closing in and the team is hard at work preparing for the project presentation. The first gantt schedule of the project has been created and we've already identified about 200 tasks that need to be addressed before the critical design review in June.

The project plan that makes up the gantt chart was a major undertaking to draw up, and with winter exams looming large the planning was spread up over several lunch and dinner meetings over the course of a week. Everyone agreed that these kinds of meetings were both pleasant and productive, and we'll probably have many more in the future

The team has also produced the first simulations of the wire-boom deployment sequence as well as CAD models for parts of the experiment.

Take a look at our CAD-model

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