SQUID - Spinning QUad Ionospheric Deployer

Onwards to the PDR!

Jacob Michelsen, 2010-01-11

Almost all team members are now back in Sweden after a well-earned Christmas break, and we are hard at work in preparation for the Preliminary Design Review at Esrange Space Center, outside of Kiruna in the week from the 1st of February.

In preparation for this we are writing the first version of a document called the Student Experiment Documentation, which basically integrates all the different documentation you'd typically have in a project like this. Technical description, statement of objectives and requirements, testing procedures, risk assessment, details on the planning of the project, etc... A LOT of work remains and some team members have exams this week, but we've gotten a good head start during the holidays and our web-based project management tool Basecamp is a real help for us project managers in keeping an overview of the TO-DOs assigned to each member of the team.

At the Preliminary Design Review we are also going to hold another, updated, presentation. Most importantly, this is our opportunity to receive feedback on our preliminary design from a panel of experts. A visit to the LKAB mines in Kiruna is also planned, and we get to meet the other teams that have been selected and are hopefully flying with us. I hope everyone brings warm clothes. :)

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