REXUS 10 launch SQUID FFU after ejection from rocket Earth as seen from the SQUID experiment in space

What is SQUID?

SQUID (Spinning QUad Ionospheric Deployer) is a student project aiming to develop and fly a rocket probe which will features a novel mechanism to deploy wire antennas. In the future the probe will be the basis for a multiple payloads platform measuring electromagnetic fields in the Earth's ionosphere. The project is a part of the REXUS/BEXUS programme, which is run by Swedish national space board, the German counterpart DLR, and the European Space Agency ESA, allowing student teams to launch their experiments on sounding rockets from ESRANGE near Kiruna.

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SQUID in space

After almost one and a half year of work the SQUID project reached its ultimate goal. On February 23rd the SQUID experiment was launched together with the REXUS 10 rocket. The experiment was successfully recovered and more details about the results will follow later. In the mean time check out the video from the onboard camera of the experiment which is available at the SQUID YouTube channel.


Since the project now has come to an end the this also means that the active outreach programme has reached its end. We would however still like to encourage visits to our different media channels since they contain a more personal side of our project. 





We are still open for performing presentations in different contexts. If you are interested in arranging a lecture please don´t hesitate  to contact us